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s-Tech Light weight concrete blocks

S-Tech Blocks has impressive AAC technology which is widely used for its Strength and Shape. Our product is an eco-friendly, heat-resistant, good sound Insulation, light-weight and cost effective. S-Tech Blocks are produced by adding millions of micro bubbles that act as concrete and are  cured in traditional process that makes our S-Tech blocks with high strength and stability.

S-Tech Block’s production technology is used in high rise building projects, precast walls and mostly preferred by engineers when compared to other block around the globe. In comparison with normal other bricks, S-Tech blocks has unique features with benefit of cost saving to our clients.

We deliver various sizes of blocks as per Market standard requirement.

                    Block sizes:

Size in Inches                         Size in MM

24*8*4                                      600*200*100

24*8*6                                      600*200*150

24*8*8                                      600*200*200

24*8*9                                      600*200*225

Block Jointing Mortar

Jointing Mortar is a pre packed blend of imported raw materials, cementitious polymer modified block jointing mortar . It is a versatile thin jointing mortar material for laying all types of Blocks / bricks.

It is Specially designed to provide string durable bonding between blocks with adhesive strength, It eliminates conventional Cement & Sand mix which reduces cost.

architecture, building, interiors

Ready Plastering Mortar

InstaPlast is a strong, durable, pre-mixed powder suitable for plastering all types of wall, Bricks / blocks. It is used to achieve  traditional plastering smooth surface.

It comes in 40 Kg package which is easy to handle, Mix the Mortar with water as required mm and start applying to any type of wall. It eliminates the requirement of sand & cement, also minimize cost of labor and time taken for traditional plastering module. 

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