S-Tech Onsite service

Our Advance portable machinery cut the labor and transportation cost to our clients by our S-Tech service of “S-TECH ONSITE”. Onsite development of Precast blocks, building of walls, thermal isolation walls, partitions is taken care with a slurry pumping distance up to 100 mts that can be utilized in high rising buildings. 

Transportation cost of raw materials, Labor cost can be minimized. Blocks and precast walls with density of 750 to 1600 kg/cu mt are made directly Onsite on respective floor for high rise buildings for fast pace constructions. 

Our portable machine at your site can be used to precast blocks, panels, partition walls, false ceilings, thermal insulation and sound proofing for floor tile underlay screeds in multilevel residential and commercial buildings


Meticulous Planning​
Completion On Time​
Perfect Execution​
Affordable Prices​

Our Specialization

Exterior Design​
Landscape Design​
Interior Design​
Site Planning
Auto CAD consultation

2021 Offer

We Construct Your Next Gen Home only at

₹1450* per sqft

End to end package for house construction.

We design your NextGen homes & projects with following specifications

  • 2D Floor Plan.
  • Structural Design.
  • Basic Elevation.
  • R.C.C 1:2:4 prop column 1:2:3 prop as per design 20MM, 16MM, 12MM, 10MM, 8MM Rods
  • ISI standard
  • 6” feet depth or as per requirement
  • S-Tech Light weight concrete blocks (CLC)
  • Outer wall 6” inch
  • Inner wall 4” inch
  • Insta Bond Jointing Mortar
  • Ready- Plast advance Tech
  • OPC 53 Grade – Chettinad Cement
  • Main door: Frame 3” & 4” teak wood and shelter’s teak wood with polish
  • Internal door: Flush Doors, Teak wood frames.
  • Aluminum frames with Glass shutters
  • At exterior- Two coats Tractor Emulsion over primer  With putty finish of one coat
  • At Interiror- Two coats of Tractor Emulsion over primer With putty finish of two coats
  • Vertified tiles in Bedrooms, Kitchen, Living Hall, Dining room 
  • Anti- skid tiles in Bathrooms, Balcony 
  • Parking tiles of anti-skid in parking area.
  • Common Bathroom: Ceramic tile, wash basin
  • W.C Master Room: European W.C of Cera brand
  • CPVC fitting of Sudhakar
  • Granite Platform with tiles 3’ feet height above platform
  • Finolex wire or Finecab wire
  • Modular box & switches Of Maru company & A.C point in M.B
  • Water Tank 1000 it’s capacity With 3 feet parapet wall.
  • M.S Grills over windows with Glass fitting
  • Marble slab steps & SS railing

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​